• Factory-programmed transmitter uses isolated code to prevent hacking (opener programs receiver) and has self-regulating operation time
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Linear MCT-11 One Channel Visor Transmitter

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The DNT00090 one-channel visor gate and garage door opener remote, a Linear MegaCode masterpiece, is the perfect solution when you're looking for a wireless radio control to use with your automatic garage or gate opener. At North Shore Commercial Door, we carry the Linear MegaCode DNT00090 because it doesn't contain a typical coding switch; each transmitter is permanently coded before it leaves the factory. The code is completely unique, and the receiver is programmed by learning from the transmitter, giving you a high level of security and slashing the risk of someone copying your code.

Powered by two Type-2031 coin-cell batteries, which generally last about three years, the DNT00090 also features a red indicator light that lets you know when power is running low. An internal timer, which limits transmissions to 10 seconds each, helps you preserve battery life if the button is held down accidentally. Compatible Operators: LDCO800, LDCO801