GTO Circuit Boards

If your garage door opener isn’t working like it should, the circuit board may be to blame. The circuit board is one of the most important components on a garage door opener, and a broken or malfunctioning board can lead to a lot of problems. Rather than going through the expense of replacing the entire unit, simply change the old board out with a new GTO circuit board and restore your opener to its proper working condition.

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Installing the new board is easy and can be done in just a matter of minutes. Our replacement GEO gate opener circuit board and garage door opener circuit board parts are priced affordably. Buy the part and do the repair yourself, or have a repair technician complete the installation for you. Choosing to get your parts direct rather than through a repair person will save you money. Our GTO circuit boards ship quickly, so you can have the repair completed in no time. The circuit boards are labeled carefully to make finding the right replacement part easy. Simply match up the part number of the replacement board the number on your original equipment and you’ll have a perfect fit. GTO boards also have a distinctive look, so you can also confirm visually that you are choosing the right part.