Linear / GTO DC Slide Gate Operator Systems

Buy powerful residential-use Linear GTO Access Systems slide gate operator systems at discount prices from North Shore Commercial Door. These include GTO GPX-SL25 slide gate operator kits and GTO Pro Series slide gate operators.

GTO Pro Series Operators

Our Linear GTO PRO-SL2000B Series heavy-duty slide gate operator systems for single gates come with built-in features and add-on accessories ranging from internal locks to batteries and mounting posts.

The GTO PRO-SL2000B can handle a residential slide gate up to 30 ft. wide with a 20-ft. opening that weights up to 1,000 lbs. These Linear GTO professional series gate operators have obstruction sensor systems. They have chain disconnects with battery backups for manual operations during any power failures, as well as operational, diagnostic and safety alarms. The gate operator's control board is equipped with adjustable obstruction sensing, gate sequencing and automatic (0 to 120-second) gate closing settings.

You can install this GTO Pro single slide gate operator on chain link gates, tube or panel-style gates, ornamental gates, or wood or vinyl gates. This heavy-duty residential slide gate includes a built-in internal friction disc brake/lock, and ample connectors for optional accessories. The GTO PRO-SL2000B includes 4-ft. post mounts. It's solar power-ready when you add a 24Ah (amp hour) battery and compatible GTO FM123 gate opener solar battery charger.

If you have double slide gates, add our GTO/Mighty Mule PRO-SL2200B Series second operator for dual slide gates. This will transform your GTO PRO-SL200B single slide gate operator into a dual slide gate operator. See our handy online show-me video on GTO residential gate operator installation.

For Smaller Slide Gates

For smaller residential slide gates, choose the GTO GPX-SL25 slide gate operator kit from North Shore Commercial Door. This gate operator is designed for use with slide gates up to 24 ft. long with a 20-ft. opening and a gate weight of up to 650 lbs.

The pad mount-ready GTO GPX-SL25 slide gate operator comes with a GTO R4966 operator housing, 12-volt DC (7Ah) battery, radio receiver, radio transmitter, installation hardware and zip ties and 25-ft. chain and two chain brackets.

This GTO slide gate operator also comes with ample connectors for optional accessories, a built-in disc brake, built-in alarms and a chain disconnect for manual operation.

Under the Nortek Umbrella

Many Linear GTO and Mighty Mule gate operator parts are compatible, because they are all part of one big family called Nortek. GTO Access Systems is a subsidiary of Linear LLC, which is owned by Nortek Security & Control Systems LLC. Mighty Mule is the retail arm of GTO Access Systems.

We sell Linear, GTO Access Systems and Mighty Mule operators, accessories and replacement parts. Always check your owner's manual to confirm compatibility. If you have compatibility questions, you can also contact our staff to confirm compatibility.