Linear Access Telephone Entry

Telephone entry systems are secure and convenient. The unmanned devices allow visitors to call to the apartment or business they are visiting to connect with the occupant before being granted entry. The system puts the security of the building in control of the occupants, giving them the power to grant or deny access to the visitor as they please.

Telephone entry systems have a keypad and call button. The visitor must know the correct number for the person they wish to see. Once they are connected with the person they wish to visit, the resident or business owner may either go to the door and open it or unlock the door remotely to provide access. Depending on the level of security desired, the telephone entry system may be paired with a video surveillance system for additional caution.

Telephone entry systems are unmanned and require no additional costs beyond the initial purchase and installation fees. Compared to gates or other means of screening visitors, telephone security systems are budget-friendly and just as effective as more expensive methods.

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