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Liftmaster Saftey Edge Air Hose 1/2IDX3/32WX10' MODEL 50103

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Sold in 10' lengths Air Hose 1/2IDX3/32WX10' Sensing Edges Individual Pneumatic Comps. Air hose, soft rubber A sensing edge should be used on every door for the protection of pedestrians and vehicles. Depending on the type of edge and type of control wiring of the operator with which it is used, the function of the edge will vary. Standard Edge: A standard 2-wire edge will cause a door to reverse when it meets an obstruction while closing if the operator has type B2, C2, S2, T, T1 or TS control wiring. Failsafe Edge: A failsafe edge (or self monitoring edge) requires either a 3- or 4-wire connection and will not only cause a door to reverse while closing but will also render the door inoperable if the edge is not installed or if it becomes damaged after installation. A failsafe electric edge requires an operator with type F2 wiring or the use of a CPS IIoption board. The infrared link-edge is inherently failsafe and requires only type B2, C2, S2, T, T1 or TS control wiring. Important Notes: 1. SPECIFY LENGTH OF EDGE WHEN ORDERING. 2. FOR ELECTRICAL EDGES, LENGTH EQUALS DAYLIGHT OPENING MINUS 2 INCHES. MINIMUM LENGTH - 5 FT. 3. A COIL CORD OR TAKE-UP REEL IS REQUIRED WITH ALL EDGES. SOME FAILSAFE APPLICATIONS MAY REQUIRE A 3- OR 4-WIRE CORD. Consult your LiftMaster sales representative. 4. TAKE-UP REELS ARE NOT RECOMMENDED FOR USE WITH ANY FAILSAFE TYPE EDGE. USE COIL CORDS ONLY. 5. IF DOOR IS OVER 22 FEET WIDE, ELECTRIC EDGES OR PHOTO EYES ARE HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. WARNING: It is strongly recommended that some type of safety equipment be used with every door operator. Without safety equipment, serious injury or death may result!