Welcome to the LumAware Photoluminescent Exit Signs & Safety Products page. LumAware (MN8), formerly known as FoxFire, is a leading developer of ZERO-ENERGY illuminating safety & egress products that utilize Advanced Photoluminescent Technology. Created by firefighter Zachary Green in 2010, LumAware products were developed to assist firefighters in locating each other, their equipment, and as a wayfinding solution. As the products were designed by firefighters for firefighters and those they protect, LumAware has taken the knowledge learned from firefighting practices to make your buildings safer. LumAware offers innovative, flexible and UL listed and certified comprehensive solutions for integrating Advanced Photoluminescent Technology into your egress (exit) systems. Advanced Photoluminescent Technology is virtually the highest output glow-in-the-dark technology available on the market. It is not just the highest-grade photoluminescence pigment but also the proprietary application of this pigment in various products. This technology has been tested by UL to meet or exceed the ASTM E2072/3 international standards for photoluminescence safety materials. More than just some glow-in-the-dark novelty items; each LumAware product can be fully charged in a few minutes by almost any light source – including the sun! Since recharging is as simple as letting a LumAware item sit in the light, there is no need for any other energy source like electricity and/or an external battery. Without the need for batteries, light bulbs or electricity, LumAware products can continue to emit light for up to 80 hours when fully charged and offer visibility of up to 50 feet. Furthermore, LumAware products are ideal for environmental settings, industrial/commercial applications, residential buildings, theme parks, stadiums and more. In the event of a power failure and when backup systems fail due to a fire, natural disaster or terrorist attack- the safety of your facility’s occupants depends on a well-planned egress (exit) plan and clear escape route markings. Having dependable visibility is of the utmost importance in dangerous situations. LumAware fire & safety products were designed to bring safety to light.

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