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Magic Closer Garage Door Closing System

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Have you ever forgotten to close the garage door? Avoid all of the fear and panic that comes along with worrying about leaving the garage door open By shopping with North Shore Commercial Thanks to diligent research by our employees, we came across the Magic Closer Garage Door Closing System for a great price. The Magic Closer is the newest Automatic Closing System on the market. This fantastic product monitors the status of your door and closes it after a period of time. Safety features activate before use, and alerts users using visual and audio alerts. Owners are able to set a delay of 5, or 15 minutes. For those who love the outdoors the manufacturers built in a 6 hour disable feature, which reverts back to the previous settings when finished. The Magic Closer works by using a Smart Sensor that attaches to the garage door itself, and a receiver that installs next to the existing garage door panel. Both the receiver, and sensor are powered using one AA battery each. The receiver and sensor both come with velcro attached to the back of the product to make installation a breeze. Product Highlights: • Compatible with ALL automatic garage opener brands
• No programming or syncing needed
• Uses visual and audible alerts before closing
• 5 minute, 15 minute, and 6 hour delay times
• Consists of Receiver and Sensor