Manaras Opera

Manaras Opera is another trusted and reliable brand that North Shore Commercial Door offers for heavy and medium-duty operations. Their OPERA™ line of garage door openers, both jackshaft and gear-head, come with their unique and patented Hoist-a-matic technology. We offer a wide selection of Manaras Opera remotes for opening garage doors. Their simple design makes it easy, especially if you need one remote to open one, two or three doors. Their technology looks clean and simple because it simple, but also reliable and trustworthy.

Manaras Opera garage door openers come in the jackshaft, gear head, trolley and sliding door varieties, which means that you can find the best garage door opener to suit your business needs. Manaras products are extremely affordable when purchased through North Shore Commercial Door. These openers can help you keep your property secure behind a heavy garage door, but open up smoothly at the touch of a remote or transmitter button. View all their openers, parts and accessories on our website, or contact us if you can't find the part you're looking for.