Manaras Garage Door Opener Remotes

North Shore Commercial Door is your source for Manaras garage door opener remotes and accessories. We carry a variety of Manaras door opener remotes, receivers and transmitters to choose from so you can operate your garage door easily and efficiently.

Our remotes are available in visor clip or key chain varieties. We offer Manaras garage door openers with one, two or three buttons to control multiple devices with a single device. Choose the remote that is compatible with your opener and has the correct number of buttons for your needs. Many of our Manaras garage door remote products are able to operate multiple garage door openers, which is ideal for homes or businesses with multiple bays.

Garage door openers allow you to safely operate your garage door from a distance. Manaras garage door wireless remotes attach to the visor in your car or to your keychain so you can gain access to the garage without leaving your car. This feature is not only convenient, it's also safer, especially when traveling late at night.

If you don't see the remote or accessory that you are looking for, please email us at or call 440-365-5707. If the part is available, we can get it. We offer low prices on all of our Manaras transmitters, receivers and remotes as well as same day shipping.