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Manaras-Opera CABLEKIT-001 Commercial Antenna & Coaxial Extension Cable Kit

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North Shore Commercial Door carries control devices, components, and accessories by Manaras-Opera, including the Commercial Antenna and Coaxial Cable Kit (CABLEKIT-001).


  • Item Number: CABLEKIT-001
  • Commercial Antenna and Coaxial Extension Cable Kit by Manaras-Opera


  • One (1) 15-ft. coaxial cable with BNC male and female connectors
  • One (1) Commercial receiver antenna with BNC male connector


  • CABLEKIT-001 is compatible with the following Manaras-Opera Radio Control Devices and Accessories:
    • MRX-1000 24V Garage Door Opener Receiver (RADIO-015)
    • MCR-32 24 Volt Commercial Garage Door Opener Receiver (RADIO-037 or RADIO-031)
    • External Radio Receiver (RADIORE102)
    • Commercial Garage Door Opener Receiver (RADIORE-900)
    • Commercial Receiver w/Antenna (RADIORE-900A)
    • INDOOR/OUTDOOR Wall Mount Commercial Receiver (RADIORE-900B)
    • Plug-In Radio Receiver Kit (RADIOKIT004)
    • On-Site Radio Receiver Kit (RADIOKIT005)
    • Standard Electric Control Board (BOARD070