Manaras MGH Control Box Parts

Replace or repair your Manaras MGH commercial garage door operator's control box with Manaras control box parts from North Shore Commercial Door. We have Manaras Opera limit shafts and other parts for your Manaras MGH heavy-duty industrial operator. Order a single-phase control box 5-amps reset, 6-amps reset or 10-amps reset. We offer bargain prices on Manaras MGH-compatible single-phase 12-amps resets, 17-amps resets and 22-amp resets.

Buy a standard 2-relay electronic power board or a snap-action limit switch. Shop our low prices on replacement Manaras MGH transformers. Always check your owner's manual to confirm parts compatibility. If you don't have a manual, download one of ours, or contact our Manaras Opera commercial operator parts experts. During weekday business hours, try out our 'Live Chat' feature for fast answers to your parts or installation questions. We enjoy 5-Star customer ratings each year for friendly, knowledgeable customer service.
Key Part # Description
1 CAM011 Manaras CAM011 Limit Cam
2 BOARD070M Manaras BOARD070M Control Board
3 SHAFT103 Manaras SHAFT103 Opera Limit Shaft
4 TSTRIP005 Manaras TSTRIP005 Radio Control Term Strip **DISCONTINUED**
5 RESET See Below
120V - 1PH
RESET007 Manaras RESET007 1PH - 10 Amps Reset
RESET009 Manaras RESET009 1PH - 12 Amps Reset
RESET014 Manaras RESET014 1PH - 17 Amps Reset
RESET017 Manaras RESET017 1PH - 22 Amps Reset
230V - 1PH
RESET002 Manaras RESET002 1PH - 5 Amps Reset
RESET003 Manaras RESET003 1PH - 6 Amps Reset
RESET005 Manaras RESET005 1PH - 8 Amps Reset
RESET008 Manaras RESET008 1PH - 11Amps Reset
6 LIMIT023 Manaras LIMIT023 Limit Switch
7 LIMIT025 Manaras LIMIT025 Single Snap-Action Limit Switch
8 BOARD066 Manaras BOARD066 Std Electronic Power Board 2 Relays
9 TRANSFO TO 24V See Below
120V / 230V - 1PH
TRANSF143 Manaras TRANSF143 Transformer
208V - 3PH
TRANSF037 Manaras TRANSF037 Transformer
460V - 3PH
TRANSF088 Manaras TRANSF088 Transformer
575V - 3PH
TRANSF142 Manaras TRANSF142 Transformer