Manaras OPJ Opener Parts

Find lowest prices on all Manaras OPJ commercial door operator parts at North Shore Commercial Door. We sell only new, guaranteed Manaras garage door opener parts for your Manaras Opera-J heavy-duty industrial jackshaft operator. With our fast turnarounds on every order, you can avoid costly work slowdowns and potential safety hazards. We have Manaras Opera OPJ clutch pads and more then a dozen other Manaras Opera-J jackshaft garage door operator parts.

Order replacement Manaras couplings, bushings, shafts or pulleys. We have replacement 120V/230V and 208V/460V Manaras OPJ motors for 1/2-horsepower, 3/4HP or 1HP motor assemblies. Replace a non-working single cut-off switch, or replace a worn V-belt on your Manaras OPJ industrial operator. Consult our online Manaras product manuals, or contact our Manaras pros directly by email, phone or 'live chat' website access. We are also America's low-cost source for top brands in residential garage door opener repair parts and accessories.
Key Part # Description
1 NUT013 Manaras NUT013 5/8 - 18 Hex Jam Nut ZP
2 CLUTCHPAD005 Manaras CLUTCHPAD005 Clutch Pad
3 SPRING041 Manaras SPRING041 Comp. Spring 1" I.D. 2" L.
4 COUPLING014 Manaras COUPLING014 Coupling 3/4 2 Pins 1/4
5 FORK001 Manaras FORK001 Disconnect Fork **DISCONTINUED**
6 CLIP021 Manaras CLIP021 External Self-Locking Retaining Ring 3/8" Curved Rim **DISCONTINUED**
7 WASHER064 Manaras WASHER064 Flat Washer 3/8 (.391 x .750 x .130) ZP **DISCONTINUED**
8 SHAFT107 Manaras SHAFT107 Input Shaft OPJ
9 MOTOR See Below
120V/230V - 1PH
MOTOR254 Manaras MOTOR254 Electric Motor 1/2HP 120/240V 1PH
MOTOR255 Manaras MOTOR255 Garage Door Opener Motor 3/4HP 120/240V 1PH
MOTOR256 Manaras MOTOR256 Motor 1HP - 120V/230V - 1PH
208V/460V - 3PH
MOTOR271 Manaras MOTOR271 Motor 1/2HP - 208V/460V - 3PH
MOTOR273 Manaras MOTOR273 Motor 3/4HP - 208V/460V - 3PH
MOTOR275 Manaras MOTOR275 Motor 1HP - 208V/460V - 3PH
575V - 3PH
MOTOR272 Manaras MOTOR272 Motor 1/2HP - 575V - 3PH
MOTOR274 Manaras MOTOR274 Motor 3/4HP - 575V - 3PH
MOTOR276 Manaras MOTOR276 Motor 1HP - 575V - 3PH
10 PULLEY014 Manaras PULLEY014 Motor Pulley Standard
11 CLUTCHPLATE006 Manaras CLUTCHPLATE006 Opera Clutchplate
12 BUSHING055 Manaras BUSHING055 Opera Limit Shaft Bushing
13 SHAFT102 Manaras SHAFT102 Opera Output Shaft
14 PULLEY020 Manaras PULLEY020 Motor Pulley
15 LIMIT020 Manaras LIMIT020 STD Single Cut-Off Switch
16 VBELTB29 Manaras VBELTB29 Type B Inside Length 29