Manaras RADIOEM 101 Garage Door Opener Remote

Manaras RADIOEM 101 Garage Door Opener Remote

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Item# RADIOEM-101
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Manaras RADIOEM 101 Garage Door Opener Remote
Manaras RADIOEM 101 Garage Door Opener Remote
Product Description
Owners of Manaras garage door opener systems that operate on the 390MHz frequency can use the Manaras RADIOEM-101 garage door opener remote to replace a lost or damaged original transmitter. RADIOEM-101 garage door opener remote controllers are sleek, black, one-button transmitters designed for the operation of a single door. You can configure this remote controller as a traditional commercial sequence device or as a single button control (SBC) transmitter. The SBC gives the remote control user the ability to open, stop or close the door by using a single-button radio transmitter.
  • One-button transmitter operation of a single door
  • Remote comes with an LED indicator, CR2032 battery and sun visor clip
  • Two operating sequences available
  • Traditional commercial sequence
  • Alternating sequence (SBC): Allow door to be parked anywhere
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COMMENT: Already own one; needed 2 more. by Neal M 6/15/2017
QUESTION: Trying to change the battery. I unscrewed the screw, but two halves will not separate. Is there a trick to this? Thanks! by Mark N 6/4/2016
ANSWER: just be firm and use equil force on both parts by marquetta b a
QUESTION: remote color is blue yet it is the 101c- is it the same as this? by None N 1/11/2016
STAFF ANSWER: I'm not familiar with the 101 c please take a picture of your remote front and back and send it to Support@<a href="" target="_blank"></a> Once I see that I can help you. by Taylor M a
QUESTION: Where can I find the programing instructions for these remotes? I did not see anything on your site nor the Manaras site. by None N 10/8/2015
STAFF ANSWER: <a href="" target="_blank"></a> by Taylor M a
QUESTION: I just changed the battery and the light blinks when I push the button but does not open the door. Is there a reset I have to push or what can it be please? by Carmen E 3/24/2014
STAFF ANSWER: You likely just need to replace the remote or the receiver. Do any other remotes work still ? by Matthew O a
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