Micanan Replacement and Enhancement Logic Boards

Micanan's design and creation is focused on reliable, high-powered, big-muscle commercial and industrial operators. But all that brawn needs brain. This page showcases the various replacement and enhancement control boards offered from North Shore Commercial Door. We sell control boards for operators offered by our company; but also other control boards for Micanan operators. Be sure to check your operator's manual and the notes provided in our control board product descriptions to determine compatibility. North Shore Commercial Door has been selling Micanan operators and components since before we went online. All manufacturers will ensure that they are driven by customer service but Micanan has delivered on that. At North Shore our availability, product line, and communication with customers parallels this fundamental commitment to the buyer. If you have any questions please either call us at 800-783-6112 or use the "contact us" form on our contact page. You can also email us at support@northshorecommercialdoor.com (please provide order number and product code for device).