Micanan Radio Controls

North Shore Commercial Door is proud to offer items from the Micanan Systems product line. These state-of-the-art Radio Controls are very durable, long-lasting, and easy to program for your Commercial Operator. All of Micanan's Commercial Radio Controls are Rolling Code, meaning they program via a learn button on either the receiver or the built-in circuit board.

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Check out the Micanan CR-32 industrial garage door opener receiver, which is a 24-volt receiver housed in a Nema-1 steel enclosure. The receiver has a built-in antenna, and the range can be extended by attaching a coaxial cable. Be sure to look at the Micanan MK-00647 1 Channel MST Transmitter, which is compatible with Micanan’s MK-00648 MSR Receiver and is capable of controlling up to one door or gate. This remote control operates on a 372 MHz frequency and is a rolling code unit. This means that the Remote and receiver program via Learn button creates a more secure frequency. Compact in size, the remote measures to be 1-7/8 inches wide, 2-3/4 inches tall, and 5/8 of an inch deep.
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