Ceiling Pull Switches

Use durable MMTC Inc. commercial garage door ceiling pull switches from North Shore Commercial Door that can be installed inside or outside your doors. These surface-mount ceiling pull switches have sturdy aluminum casings to protect the toggle switches. Because they're installed on ceilings, they are space-saving additions to industrial warehouses and commercial facilities.

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NEMA 4-Rated Ceiling Pull Switches
Our NEMA-4 rated MMTC commercial garage door ceiling pull switches include the surface-mount MMTC CP-1 pull switch that will allow you to open and close your garage door, from the inside or outside location you choose, with an ordinary pull cord. The unit has a bright red and yellow ceiling pull to easily locate the cord before each use. The CP-1 model MMTC pull switch is a single pole, single throw (SPST) switch.

The exterior-use MMTC CP-2 unit is a surface-mount double pole, single throw (DPST) ceiling pull switch with a NEMA 4 safety rating.

Explosion-Proof Ceiling Pull Switches
We carry MMTC CP-2X explosion-proof ceiling pull switches, which have NEMA 7 and NEMA 9 ratings. These industrial-grade double pull, single throw (DPST) switches, operated by traditional pull-chains, are designed for harsh industrial environments.

These explosion-proof MMTC CP-2X ceiling pull switches have electrical conduit collar safeguards. Our explosion-proof MMTC ceiling pull switches prevent combustible dust and other contaminants from entering the unit, and will contain any internal explosion.

See our full line of discount-priced MMTC explosion-proof controls for industrial environments in the vicinity of corrosive or combustible materials.

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