We have inexpensive MMTC door and gate security system replacement components at North Shore Commercial Door. Order a budget-priced replacement button for your one-button, two-button or three-button commercial garage door, door entry or commercial gate access control station. Order red or black rubber buttons to replace faded or worn security station buttons. We have replacement brackets, drill bits and keys for MMTC open-close key switches and other door/gate security devices.

Don’t replace an MMTC door/gate security station if all you need is a set of replacement screws. We have MMTC NC (normally closed) switches and MMTC NO (normally open) replacement door security system switches. Order replacement cut keys or replacement key blanks for your open-close or open-close-stop MMTC key switch. Two keys are included with replacement mortise lock cylinders for your interior-installation or exterior-mount key switch mortise lock cylinder. If you don’t see a replacement part you need listed on our website, contact our MMTC experts to find it and quickly send it to your home or business.