Exterior Flush and Surface Mount Control Stations

We have exterior-mount MMTC commercial garage door opener control stations to fit your budget at North Shore Commercial Door. These surface-mount and flush-mount exterior wall stations have sturdy housings to protect internal components in bad weather. Choose a budget-priced one-button or two-button open/close push-button unit. MMTC exterior garage door operator control stations can also be wired to residential or commercial gate operators.

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We have NEMA 4-rated MMTC three-button exterior commercial garage door operator control stations with open, close and stop functions with or without stainless steel faceplates. Lockout functions are included with some two-button (open-close) and three-button (open-close-stop) MMTC commercial garage door opener exterior-installation controllers. In addition to buttons, a key is included for the on/off keyed lockout function to prohibit use during holidays, at night or other times. If you have questions, consult our MMTC pros at our family-owned American company headquarters.