MMTC commercial garage door key switches from North Shore Commercial Door will control open-close functions with just the turn of a single key. Lock cylinders with keys included and sturdy key switch housings can be installed inside or outside the garage door. We have NEMA 1-rated interior open-close key switches and made-tough NEMA 4-rated exterior open-close key switches with emergency stop buttons on tamper-proof faceplates inside durable cases. Only the key holder can open or close the commercial garage door or a commercial/industrial building entry door.

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Turn the key to the word open on one side or close on the other side to open or close the door. The key switch has auto-return action, returning the door to its original location when the key is returned to the center position. Many of the tamper-resistant 5-pin mortise lock cylinders are removable and interchangeable to replace with even tougher lock cylinders. We have commercial garage door opener lockout control key switches with simple on-off functions to keep a door closed after hours, during holidays and at other times decided by the key holder. Turn the key towards the "off" position on the key switch, and the door is locked. Unlock the door by turning the key to the marked "on" position. These are effective, low-tech solutions to commercial garage door security.