MMTC Nema 1 Control Stations

We have the right NEMA 1-rated MMTC open-close key switch for your garage door, gate or entry door at North Shore Commercial Door. We have interior-installation door key switches in sturdy enclosures with open-close functions and open-close-stop functions. Choose a 2-gang control station or 4-gang control station to control the actions of one or more doors. The NEMA 1-rated enclosures protect your key switches from dirt, dust and other work site contaminants.

These interior-installation key switches for residential or commercial doors or gates can be mounted to walls or desk stations. The key switch allows you to turn the key from the center position toward the marked close or open position to close or open the door. The auto-return function allows you to simply return the key to its centered position to return the door or gate to its original position. Or choose an open-close NEMA 1-rated interior key switch with an added emergency stop button on the faceplate.