MMTC Nema 4 Rated Control Stations

MMTC NEMA 4-rated garage door opener and gate operator access control stations from North Shore Commercial Door are designed to withstand extreme weather conditions when mounted outside. Find MMTC access control stations for most residential or commercial garage door opener and gate operator models. Waterproof enclosures protect internal components. Choose one-button or two-button open-close access control stations by MMTC, three-button open-close-stop controls or three-button controls with keyed on/off lockouts for garage door and gate operators and building entry doors. The keyed lockout (with key) on the three-button MMTC PBTL-3 station will allow only users with a key to operate a garage door or gate. Use a pull switch to open or close a door with the MMTC CP-2 NEMA 4-rated double pole/single throw ceiling pull switch. Choose the NEMA 4-rated MMTC control station that best meets your residential, commercial or industrial site access control needs.