Audible and Visual Warning Devices

Keep the work site safe with inexpensively priced MMTC loading dock, warehouse and industrial workplace warning equipment with audio or visual signals. MMTC makes durable, easy-to-install warning equipment for workplaces and residential gated communities that can warn workers and visitors away from hazardous and other no-go areas. Our collection includes warning devices to fit every budget, backed by our OEM equipment and parts guarantees.

Power modules are included with MMTC strobe switches. These strobe switches are engineered to activate when their lenses detect the lights on emergency vehicles. The sensors inside the switch will open a commercial garage door, entry door or gate when activated by the strobe light.

An MMTC siren-operated sensor will open doors and gates when sirens from emergency vehicles are sensed. The sensor is designed to reject all other sounds, making it a go-to choice for gated communities and workplaces that must remain accessible during emergencies. Shop our audible warning devices and high-visibility MMTC visual warning devices. Choose visual warning rotating beacons with built-in mirrors to expand the visibility and range of the warning system's light bulb.