Remotes for Monarch Garage Doors & Entrance Gates

Transmitter Solutions Monarch door opener remotes offer the latest technology to ensure seamless operation. These remotes use rolling codes and HID proximity tags for security. They run on coin-style lithium batteries that are some of the longest-lasting available. A Monarch Doors universal remote control transmitter fits receivers from leading brands and easily attaches to your keychain, bag or belt loop. The attachment point is reinforced.

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Shop at North Shore Commercial Doors to get a garage door or remote gate opener that fits your needs. They are available in one-button, two-button and four-button designs for different functions. Select a keychain Monarch door opener remote to see which frequency range it uses; this will determine whether the remote is compatible with your opener. As an authorized Transmitter Solutions dealer, we can order many other remotes in addition to what is listed. Call (800) 783-6112 or email to submit a request.