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NSCD RC-1, Garage Door Remote/Universal Radio Receiver Set

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North Shore Commercial Door knows that the most important thing in any home is safety, which is why we made the NSCD-RX433RC1 rolling code receiver! Operating on a secure frequency of 433.92MHZ, this receiver promotes a longer range and better communication between products than standard garage receivers. Worried about complex installation and programming steps? Fear not! we made sure that the programming steps are simple and easy to follow. North Shore's NSCD-RX433RC1 receiver has holes in each corner for easy and secure mounting. Programming the remotes is a breeze as well! The receiver programs via learn button, meaning you just have to put the receiver in programming mode, press the button on the remote, and the receiver's light color should change from blue to purple. This indicates that the remote has synced up and is ready for use. 

Product Highlights:

• Rolling Code Receiver from North Shore Commercial Door
• Receiver Part Number NSCD-RX433RC1
• Compatible with Remote NSCD-433RC1
• Operates on a secured frequency of 433.92 MHZ
• Available as a kit the RC1
• 12 Volts
• Mounting holes in each corner for easy and secure mounting.
• Color-coded indicator for programming
• built in 18 Gauge Red antenna wire

Package includes:
• Receiver
• Transformer for power
• 10’ strand of 2-wire bell wire used for connection between receiver and the operator
• Installation and programming instructions.

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