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1 Inch Wheel 2 Inch Stem - Truck Door Roller

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The TODCO Truck Door 70305, sold by North Shore Commercial Door, is a 1" Precision Machined Roller used as a component in truck doors manufactured by TODCO. Specifically, it is designed to be part of the door's roller system. The roller facilitates the smooth and efficient movement of the truck door along its track.

Using precision machining techniques, TODCO ensures that these rollers are made with high accuracy and quality, allowing them to last longer than standard rollers. In addition, the durable construction of the roller helps to enhance the overall performance and longevity of the truck door system.

In summary, the TODCO Truck Door 70305 1" Precision Machined Roller is utilized to support the movement of truck doors and is known for its extended lifespan compared to standard rollers.

  • ROLLER: 1 inch
  • STEM: 2 Inch