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TODCO 99611 Universal Door Assembly 90 Inches Wide By 90 Inches Tall

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A broken door is a hassle no one wants to deal with, especially in a logistics business. A broken door means repairs and that the rest of the fleet has to work harder to pull the weight. North Shore Commercial Door wants to help make your repairs as easy as possible with the Universal Replacement Door Assembly for openings up to 90 inches x 90 inches. The Universal Door assembly comes in either the Complete Door Assembly (99611-1 and 99611-3) or the Drop In Door Assembly (99611-2 and 99611-4, without tracks or counter balance assembly). Each kit is compatible with Dry Freight Doors that are commonly found on step-in vans, delivery vehicles, box trucks, freight trucks, and more. DOOR PANELS: The Complete Universal Door Assembly and Drop In Door assembly from Todco will work on trucks that have openings 87-3/4 inches wide and 93-90 inches tall. The Complete Door Assembly comes with all the necessary parts to repair the door, while the drop in door assembly just comes with the hardware and door panels which can be cut down in the field. For both the Complete Door and Drop In assemblies, panels are shipped in two sections that are semi assembled. Center hinges hold together the two sections of panels. The remaining panels will need to add the included center hinge pin (69653.0000.16) to connect the panels together. Each assembly comes with a universal hardware kit (89307-1000) that contains all pieces necessary for mounting. HORIZONTAL AND VERTICAL TRACKS: The 99611-1 and 99611-3 (complete doors) come with vertical and horizontal tracks that are shipped in lengths longer than what your application may require. The vertical track is shipped in 96-3/4 Inch lengths. For proper installation, it is recommended that you measure the height of your opening and add 6-3/4 inches to the final number. This calculates the space needed to install the counterbalance assembly. The horizontal track measure 110 inches long. Safety regulations and proper installation practices state that the horizontal track needs a minimum clearance of 1-1/2 inches from the ceiling, but 2-1/4 inches of clearance is normal. If you purchase the 99611-2 or 99611-4 (Universal Drop In door assemblies), these measurements do not apply. COUNTERBALANCE ASSEMBLY: The 59174-0357X90 Counterbalance assembly supplied with the Complete Universal Door Assembly has a 90 inch long shaft. When installing, please measure the width of your doors panel and add 2-1/4 inches to the panel width. This will help your box truck, delivery van or other fleet vehicle have proper shaft length for all counter balance pieces.If you purchase the Universal Drop In door assembly, these measurements do not apply. HARDWARE, LOCKS, AND LATCHES: Each door assembly is furnished with a universal hardware kit (89307-1000), the contents of which can be found below. The pull strap and lift handle come installed already, but the 69572 Lock Keeper, and 69571 Maximum Security Lock come loose. When you go to install the Maximum Security Lock it is important to position the lock 1/4 of an inch away from the panels edge while located on the Center Line (CL) of the panel. The manufacturer recommends using five 1-1/8 inch semi-tubular rivets to secure the lock in place. Installing the lock keeper requires three of these rivets. To Install the Cable Anchor Brackets (61204), please measure 3-3/4 inches In from the vertical edge of the bottom panel before securing in place. PAINT JOB: The panels of each assembly can be painted at the factory. When placing your order please use the drop down box above to select the color you would like. The panels can be primed white (ready for painting, or painted white (spray painted). SHIPPING: The door assembly size prevents it from shipping using conventional methods. These assemblies must be shipped by freight. When placing your order please keep in mind that our sales staff will be contacting you with a quote. PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS:
  • PART NUMBER: 99611
  • ORDERING OPTIONS - Please use the drop down above to select one of the following models:
    • 99611-1 COMPLETE UNIVERSAL REPLACEMENT DOOR ASSEMBLY - PRIMED Includes panels, hardware, counterbalance assembly, vertical track, and horizontal track
    • 99611-2 DROP IN REPLACEMENT DOOR ASSEMBLY - PRIMED Does not include counterbalance, vertical track, or horizontal track
    • 99611-3 COMPLETE UNIVERSAL REPLACEMENT DOOR ASSEMBLY - PAINTED Includes panels, hardware, counterbalance assembly, vertical track, and horizontal track
    • 99611-4 DROP IN REPLACEMENT DOOR ASSEMBLY - PAINTED Does not include counterbalance, vertical track, or horizontal track
    • Easy Installation in the field
    • Can fit a max door size of 87-3/4 Inch wide x 83-90 Inch Tall Doors
    • Panels ship in 90 Inch lengths
    • Horizontal track ships in 110 Inch lengths
    • Vertical track ships in 96.75 Inch lengths
    • Great Replacement option for box trucks, delivery trucks, Step-in-vans and Freight Trucks
    99611-1 and 99611-3 - complete Door, Track and Counter balance system to fit up to 87-3/4 Inch wide x 83-90 Inch Tall Doors CONTENTS:
    1. 3/4 Inch thick wood door - x1 - 90 Inches Wide X 89-3/4 Inches Tall
    2. 49014-003096 - 1 Pair - Vertical Track assembly 96-3/4 Inches long
    3. 50113-003520 - 1 Pair - Horizontal Track - 110 Inches long - 6 inch Radius (R) - 7 Inch Head Room Clearance (HRC)
    4. 59174-0357X90 - x1 - Counterbalance - #3x1.75X57 - 90 Inch long Shaft
    5. 69035 - x6 - End Hinge
    6. 69431 - x2 - Top Fixture Slide
    7. 69571-0000-05 - x1 - Maximum Security Lock (E-Coated)
    8. 69572-0000-05 - x1 - Maximum Security Lock Keeper (E-Coated)
    9. 51044-0000 - 1 Pair - 110 Inch Cable Assembly
    10. 69770-3000 - x1 - Head Seal Assembly, 87-3/4 Inches Long
    11. 89319-3000 - Roller Kit - 16 Steel Rollers
    12. 70093-0000 - x1 - MS Lock Catch Box
    13. 89307-1000 - x1 - Universal Door Hardware Kit
    14. 61390-2880 - x2 - Rubber Side Seal - 108 Inches Long
    15. 70405-0000 - x1 - Todco Door owners Manual