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Interlock Module, 82-DTLM, Dock/Dock Traffic Light, Zap Commercial

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If you need to install traffics lights that have "Red Light Open", you will 82DTLM Traffic Light and Dock Interlock Module. This card also provides the option of acting as an interlock so that dock leveller systems may be wired into the card, preventing the dock leveller systems from being activated unless the door is in the up position. The 82 DTLM plugs onto the 10 pin socket connector on the main controller board. The unit also includes an expansion 10 pin socket connector on the card to allow the use of either an 871 interface module or an 8070 autolock. Compatiblity:All Commercial Controllers Cards you may use in conjunction (only 0ne) 871 Interface module 8070 Auto Lock note: if using 8070 auto lock while using the 82dtlm you may not use radio controls via an 871 card. Zaps radios must be employed unless you are either using another manufacturers 3 channel receiver, or an 800G one button controller, to which you can wire a single channel external receiver If using 871 to interface external devices while using the 82dtlm you may not use any other accessory cards in that unit.