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Sears Craftsman Compatible Garage Door Opener Remote
1993-1997 Models

Sears Craftsman Compatible Garage Door Opener Remote<br>1993-1997 Models
Sears Craftsman Compatible Garage Door Opener Remote<br>1993-1997 Models
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Sears Craftsman Compatible Garage Door Opener Remote
1993-1997 Models
Sears Craftsman Compatible Garage Door Opener Remote<br>1993-1997 Models
Product Description
For easy setup, reliable operation and compatibility with many Sears Craftsman garage door opener models, we have this 390 MHZ frequency remote. It's designed to work with units manufactured between 1993 and 1997 and features a Smart green coding button. This is sometimes known as a learn button programming system, which enables you to program your remote. The buttons are color coded for specific garage door opener models and years. There is also a 2-channel transmitter that's designed for compatibility with the Billion Code system. This system used 3.5 billion unique codes, eliminating the need of dip switches, but it is backward compatible with the dip switch remote codes. The remote comes with a lithium battery and visor clip. The lithium battery is rated to last for 5 years with normal use. This unit can also be used with the 66LM wireless keypad (Chamberlain 850CB, 853CB and 856CB).

  • 390 MHZ frequency
  • Compatible with 1993-1997 models
  • Smart coding button with green LED
  • 2 channel transmitter
  • Compatible with "Billion Code" series
  • Includes battery and visor clip
  • Compatible with wireless keypad model 66LM

  • For a complete list of all Sears Craftsman compatible remote controls and circuit boards, see the Sears Craftsman Transmitter Compatibility Chart.

    Compatible Sears Craftsman Model numbers are listed below.

    139.53225 139.53645 139.53225SR 139.53645SRT1 139.53225SRT 139.53645SRT3 139.53325 139.53646 139.53325SRT 139.53646SRT1 139.53335SRT1 139.53646SRT2 139.53425 139.53648 139.53425SRT 139.53648SRT1 139.53479 139.53648SRT2 139.53491 139.5365 139.53525 139.53650SRT 139.53525SRT 139.5366 139.536141SR 139.53660SRT 139.536151SR 139.53660SRT1 139.536181SR 139.53669 139.536191SR 139.53669SRT 139.536251SR 139.53678 139.53626 139.53678SRT 139.536261SR 139.53779 139.53627 139.53800 139.536271SR 139.53800SRT 139.53628 139.53824 139.53628SRT 139.53824SRT 139.53629 139.53834 139.53629SRT 139.53834SRT1 139.53635 139.53834SRT3 139.53635SRT 139.53879 139.53636 139.53915SRT 139.53636SRT 139.53927SRT 139.53637 139.53960SRT 139.53637SRT 139.53970 139.53638SRT 139.53970SRT 139.53640 139.53971 139.53640SRT 139.53971SRT 139.53641 139.53973 139.53641SRT 139.53973SRT
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    COMMENT: ordered one two years ago. works great! needed another one. by john m 10/4/2017
    COMMENT: Purchased a home and no remotes were left for the garage by Carl D 9/6/2017
    QUESTION: sears craftsman 1/2 hp garage door opener model 139.53641SRT do you have this remote? by ben n 8/28/2016
    STAFF ANSWER: What color is your learn button on that unit. by Taylor M a
    QUESTION: I have an old sears craftsman opener. The logic board p/n is 41A4315-A. Date stamped on logic board is 11/93. I do not know remote p/n as it was lost. Will this remote work? If so, which p/n do I select from the pull down list? by Shane D 3/1/2016
    STAFF ANSWER: Support@<a href="" target="_blank"></a> by Taylor M a
    STAFF ANSWER: This remote will not work please send us and email with pictures of your current garage door operator. by Taylor M a
    QUESTION: will this work with a Sears Craftman 139.52627 SRT with logic board 41A4315-6A? by Daniel S 12/29/2015
    STAFF ANSWER: Yes it will ! by Taylor M a
    QUESTION: I am looking for a replacement Remote for a Craftsman Model No. 139.53648SRT. Can you direct me to the correct model please? by Greg R 2/6/2015
    STAFF ANSWER: Yes this should work for you. by Matthew O a
    ANSWER: Purchased two of these remotes and both remotes work perfect. No problem with programming and once programed operates like an original. I would not hesitate to purchase these as they are priced right! by Bill W a