Sears Craftsman Compatible Garage Door Opener Remote
1997 - Present Models

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The Sears Craftsman garage door opener remote features a 1 channel/button transmitter and is compatible with models made from 1997 to the present. It uses a 390 MHZ frequency and code rotating technology with more than 100 billion codes. It also has an orange/amber color LED light on the back of the unit's motor. A visor clip and lithium battery is included. The battery is rated for 5 years with normal usage. This remote is designed to be compatible with Security+ systems. This includes Craftsman, Sears, Raynor Safety Signal code rolling residential garage door openers and Chamberlain models (950CB, 953CB and 956CB). Product Highlights:
  • 390 MHZ
  • 1 channel/button transmitter
  • Compatible with 1997-present models
  • Compatible with any garage door operator with a red or orange learn/program button
  • Code Rotating Technology with 100 billion codes
  • Compatible with Security+ systems
  • Orange/Amber LED light
  • Includes 5-year lithium battery and visor clip
    • WIDTH: 5/8 INCH
    • HEIGHT: 1-3/4 INCH
    See the Sears Craftsman Transmitter Compatibility Chart for a complete list of all compatible Sears Craftsman remotes. For compatible Sears Craftsman model numbers, see the list below. 139.53479 139.53325 139.53325SRT 139.53335SRT1 139.53325SRT 139.53425 139.53425SRT 139.53525 139.53525SRT 139.536141SR 139.53619SR 139.536251SR 139.53626 139.536261SR 139.53627 139.536271SR 139.53628 139.53628SRT 139.53629 139.53629SRT 139.53635 139.53635SRT 139.53636 139.53636SRT 139.53637 139.53637SRT 139.53638SRT 139.53640 139.53640SRT 139.53641 139.53641SRT 139.53645 139.53645SRT1 139.53645SRT3 139.53646SRT1 139.53646SRT2 139.53648 139.53648SRT1 139.53648SRT2 139.53650 139.53650SRT 139.53660 139.53660SRT 139.53660SRT1 139.53661 139.53661SRT 139.53661SRT3 139.53662 139.53662SRT2 139.53663 139.53663SRT 139.53663SRT2 139.53664 139.53664SRT 139.53664SRT2 139.53669 139.53669SRT 139.53670 139.53670SRT1 139.53671 139.53671SRT 139.53671SRT2 139.53671SRT3 139.53672 139.53672SRT 139.53672SRT2 139.53672SRT3 139.53673 139.53673SRT 139.53673SRT3 139.53674 139.53674SRT1 139.53673SRT2 139.53675 139.53675SRT2 139.53674SRT2 139.53677 139.53677SRT 139.53677SRT3 139.53678 139.53678SRT 139.53680 139.53681 139.53684 139.53800 139.53800SRT 139.53824 139.53824SRT 139.53834 139.5384SRT1 139.53834SRT3 139.53915SRT 139.53961 139.53961SRT 139.53962 139.5396SRT 139.53962SRT1 139.53963 139.5393SRT 139.53962SRT 139.53963SRT 139.53964 139.53964SRT 139.53966 139.53966SRT 139.53966SRT1 139.53974 139.53974SRT 139.53975 139.53975SRT 139.53975SRT1 139.53976 139.53976SRT 139.53978 139.53978SRT 139.53978SRT1 139.53646