Sears Craftsman AssureLink Garage Door Opener Acce

North Shore Commercial Door offers a complete line of Sears Craftsman garage door devices with AssureLink technology. Compatible with any Craftsman openers built since 1993, these remote controls give you the freedom to activate or deactivate any AssureLink-enabled gates, lights or garage doors from anywhere in your home. Some of these controls allow you to perform those tasks from your computer or smart phone via Internet Gateway technology. Depending on the model, AssureLink controls don't cost much more standard remotes. Besides remote controls, we offer keypads, control panels and remote-controlled light switches.
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Our monitors allow you to check or open and close up to four garage doors from any room in your house, and an alert lets you know when a door is opening. Our motion detectors automatically turn on lights, and they have a locking feature which allows you to prevent portable remote controls from operating your garage doors Our lighted, wireless keypads can be temporarily programmed with a PIN number for delivery drivers or guests, and they have weather-tight covers, as well. Check out all their many other features.