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Sears Craftsman 41A5021-2E Garage Door Opener Circuit Board

Sears Craftsman 41A5021-2E Garage Door Opener Circuit Board
Sears Craftsman 41A5021-2E Garage Door Opener Circuit Board
Sears Craftsman 41A5021-2E Garage Door Opener Circuit Board
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PLEASE NOTE: The 41A5021-2E is obsolete and replaced by the 41A5021-I. You will be sent the updated version - 41A5021-I
Item# 41A5021-2E
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Sears Craftsman 41A5021-2E Garage Door Opener Circuit Board
Sears Craftsman 41A5021-2E Garage Door Opener Circuit Board
Product Description
The Sears Craftsman 41A5021-2E garage door opener circuit board is available at substantial savings from North Shore Commercial Door. If you can muster up some DIY spirit, you can save yourself a good deal of money by buying this circuit board online from us and replacing your worn-out circuit board yourself rather than hiring a repairman to do the work for you.

Replacing the circuit board is a snap. Usually, it's just a matter of unplugging a few wires from your old circuit board and plugging in wires to the replacement board. In some cases, you may need to use the old circuit board's housing for the proper fit. All that means is that you have to undo a few screws on the old housing and then tighten the screws when you put it over the new circuit board.

North Shore Commercial Door's Sears Craftsman 41A5021-2E garage door opener works with Sears Craftsman models including:
  • 139.53962
  • 139.53962SRT
  • 139.53962SRT1
  • 139.53966
  • 139.53966SRT
  • 139.53966SRT1
  • 139.53975
  • 139.53975SRT
  • 139.53975SRT1
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COMMENT: My garage door intermittently won't close with the remote, keypad or homelinq in my car. A new keypad and remote have been purchase and the issue is still not resolved. The laser eyes are positioned perfectly and functioning. My last resort is to replace the logic board and North Shore Commercial Door happens to have what I'm looking for and the best price PLUS a coupon!! by Brandy H 9/25/2017
COMMENT: Because mine does not work any more by Jim P 9/13/2017
QUESTION: will this board work in my 41A5021-2 opener? by None N 11/17/2015
ANSWER: I have a Model 139.53964SRT Sears Craftsman. It calls for 41A5021-2E for this part which works perfectly. You will need to check your model with either Sears or Craftsman to see if it is compatible. NorthShore also lists some models on this web page that work with this part. Check your manual's Model No. or look at your old logic board which will also give the Model No. Best of luck. You also may want to replace the capacitor with this part. Mine was Part# 30B363 which you can buy on Amazon. Just remove the bracket from the old one and plug the colored wires in the same as before. Best of luck. by Ivan Z a
ANSWER: Yes, the 41A5021-2 and 41A5021-2E are compatible. by Nghia H a
ANSWER: Yes, it works great .Im so happy with it. by ismael V a
QUESTION: Does this circuit board work with Model 13953641SRT and<br /> Serial #28256C0051? by Norman A 10/3/2015
STAFF ANSWER: What is the model number to your current circuit board? by Matthew O a
QUESTION: My Craftsman Garage door opener says it is a 41A5021-2F. The Sears Parts Store says the replacement board is a 41A5021-3G. Is this board for the 41A5021-3D the same? Do I just remove the board and replace my existing board if it is the same?<br /><br />Thank you, by Dennis A 11/5/2014
ANSWER: The panels don't always interchange but the boards are all the same. Simpley swap out board and your good to go. by BRIAN L a
STAFF ANSWER: I am unsure. what is your current board number number on the faceplate beginning with 41A.. or 41D by Matthew O a