Sears Craftsman

Sears Craftsman 41A5021-2E Garage Door Opener Circuit Board

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The Sears Craftsman 41A5021-2E garage door opener circuit board is available at substantial savings from North Shore Commercial Door. If you can muster up some DIY spirit, you can save yourself a good deal of money by buying this circuit board online from us and replacing your worn-out circuit board yourself rather than hiring a repairman to do the work for you.

Replacing the circuit board is a snap. Usually, it's just a matter of unplugging a few wires from your old circuit board and plugging in wires to the replacement board. In some cases, you may need to use the old circuit board's housing for the proper fit. All that means is that you have to undo a few screws on the old housing and then tighten the screws when you put it over the new circuit board.

North Shore Commercial Door's Sears Craftsman 41A5021-2E garage door opener works with Sears Craftsman models including:
  • 139.53962
  • 139.53962SRT
  • 139.53962SRT1
  • 139.53966
  • 139.53966SRT
  • 139.53966SRT1
  • 139.53975
  • 139.53975SRT
  • 139.53975SRT1