Sears Craftsman

Sears Craftsman 41AS150-R2 Garage Door Opener Circuit Board

MSRP: $121.44
(You save $20.24 )
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The Sears Craftsman 41AS150-R2 garage door opener circuit board from North Shore Commercial Door offers a low-cost, easy fix if it's time to replace your Sears Craftsman garage door opener circuit board.

We can ship this circuit board directly to your door, saving you the hassle and time of driving around town looking for the right one. North Shore Commercial Door ships internationally as well as domestically at affordable rates and with speedy delivery.

Replacing this circuit board is an easy DIY job that requires minimal skills and nothing more than a screwdriver. Simply detach your old circuit board from the electrical connectors and attach your replacement circuit board to them, and you're back in business. This brand new part will have your garage door opener and garage door working like new again.
  • The Sears Craftsman 41AS150-R2 Garage Door Opener Circuit Board works with Sears Craftsman model 139.53993D.