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SOMMER 2-Button 315MHz Garage Door Opener Remote 4048V000

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Control your 315MHz Sommer Direct Drive Synoris garage door opener system with the two-button garage door opener remote, model number 4048VOOO. If you have lost or broken your original garage door opener remote, this model at North Shore Commercial Door is the perfect replacement. This remote controller has a sleek design and is small enough to fit inside a pocket or attached to a keychain. You can operate up to two individual Sommer Direct Drive Synoris garage door opener systems with this remote and this two-button remote controller has a maximum range of approximately 100 feet which is the maximum permitted transmitter range. Range is dependent on surroundings. All Sommer garage door opener remotes are easy to program and this model includes a visor clip. You must use a 315MHz remote with 315MHz garage door openers and 310MHz remotes with 310MHz Sommer garage door openers; the two are not interchangeable. You can easily determine the frequency of your system my noting the button colors. Sommer remotes with blue buttons are for 310MHz frequencies and remotes with red buttons are for 315MHz frequency systems.
  • Operates up to two individual Sommer Direct Drive Synoris garage door openers
  • Easy to program
  • Long battery life
  • Low power consumption