Sommer Remotes

Sommer garage door opener systems, the DirectDrive and EVO lines, are highly regarded for their durability and outstanding quality. These systems have only one moving part which helps to maximize power and minimize wear and tear. Garage door opener for Sommer's Direct Drive and EVO systems are designed to last for many years but you may need to replace damaged or lost remote controllers for these garage door openers prior to the opener unit itself becoming obsolete. North Shore Commercial Door has a large selection of Sommer's Direct Drive and EVO garage door opener remotes including two-button and four-button devices as well as the Telecody garage door opener with wireless keypad. Sommer remote controllers can be distinguished from other garage door opener remotes thanks to their sleek European design. The two-button and four-button remotes, for example, has a slide in/out feature that helps to prevent accidental operation.

  • Sommer remotes are available for 310MHz and 315MHz systems
  • We sell both Sommer's Direct Drive and the EVO-line garage-door-opener remotes
  • Clean, sleek design featuring a unique slide in/out cover