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SOMMER Direct Drive 1 HP Garage Door Opener Model 1052V000

SOMMER Direct Drive 1 HP Garage Door Opener Model 1052V000
SOMMER Direct Drive 1 HP Garage Door Opener Model 1052V000
SOMMER Direct Drive 1 HP Garage Door Opener Model 1052V000
SOMMER Direct Drive 1 HP Garage Door Opener Model 1052V000
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Item# 1051V000
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SOMMER Direct Drive 1 HP Garage Door Opener Model 1052V000
SOMMER Direct Drive 1 HP Garage Door Opener Model 1052V000
Product Description
Model: Direct Drive 1052V000 - equals 1 HP - for doors up to 1200 lbs. (spring balanced)

For garage doors weighing as much as 1,200 pounds and as high as 8 feet tall, the SOMMER Direct Drive 1 HP Garage Door Opener Model 1052V000 available at North Shore Commercial Door offers the equivalent of 1 horsepower. A wall console, safety beams and a pair of two-button remotes are included, and when you order Model 1052V000 from North Shore Commercial Door, your garage door opener will ship within 24 hours any business day. It operates in a smooth, quiet manner with soft start and soft stop features and its back jump feature eases the system's tension once the door has been closed.


1-hp Equivalent

Includes Wall Console

Soft Start/Stop and Back Jump Features


2ea Two Button Remotes

Safety Beams

Wall Console

Works Doors upto 8' tall.

Memory holds up to 20 Remotes / Wireless accesories

Extensions are available for taller doors (look at related items on the bottom of page)

Features and Benefits:

Advanced traveling motor technology. Reliable technology operation in Europe since 1986

Ideal product for professionals to distinguish themselves on the market with a unique product

An independent European test institute proved that this opener technology endures 80,000+ cycles without maintenance, which none of the competitors reached

DC- motor with high efficiency factor - up to 70 door movements per hour

Soft start and soft stop guarantee a smooth, silent operation - less wear on motor gear and door hardware

Back jump feature additionally removes tension from the system after the door has been closed

Sturdy high quality galvanized steel rails, reinforced in the middle by a connecting part

HomeLink compatible

Safety and Security:

The SOMMER Direct Drive meets all UL 325 requirements

Sensitive obstacle detection ensures a high level of security by reversing the door immediately after sensing an obstacle

The high quality photo sensors automatically reverse the door if anything interrupts the beam

Self locking motor


Lifetime warranty on entire garage door opener

2 years on accessories

Unlike conventional garage door opener that use a noisy chain, belt or screw the synoris has only one moving part. The motor glides silently along the chain which is embedded in a sturdy steel rail.

Extremely quiet garage door opener with virtually no vibrations. Perfect for homes with living spaces above the garage. Very smooth operation with soft start and stop technology. Because the motor is located at the door instead of the back of the opener it maximizes the power.

The only garage door opener with a LIFETIME WARRANTY ON THE ENTIRE OPENER, not just the belt and the motor.
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COMMENT: recamended by a satisfied customer by norbert k 8/25/2017
COMMENT: I read several good reviews of the product which swayed me to go with the Sommer product. by Vacek M 8/7/2017
QUESTION: Do you have the rail packages for the sommer openers in 7',8', and 10' item # 1090V000, 1091V000, 1092V000? by ROBERT E 9/29/2016
STAFF ANSWER: http://www.northshorecommercialdoor.com/sogadoop5fra.html 5 ft rail extension<br /><br /><a href="http://www.northshorecommercialdoor.com/sogadoop3fra.html" target="_blank">http://www.northshorecommercialdoor.com/sogadoop3fra.html</a> 3 ft rail extension by Taylor M a
QUESTION: Do you make a opener for a 20'wide ×10'tall insulated Commercial Door? by Rusty M 9/6/2016
ANSWER: yes they do and its the best opener I've ever owned. by Ronald S a
ANSWER: I used it on an old 300 plus pound wooded 8' x 16' and it is incredible. Quiet but a little slower than a normal door. by Chris F a
ANSWER: yes ,and it will work fine.,as long as the door is adjusted properly. by johnny o a
ANSWER: The summer Direct drive 1 hp opener works great on my 20' door. Just make sure your door is balanced and has the proper torsion spring. You won't be sorry. Quiet and powerfull! by JIM L a
ANSWER: Yes. Very pleased with mine. Had to opt for the extension for the extra height. A bit slower than the Genie but extremely quieter. Considering another for the single car side. by John T a
QUESTION: Does it comes with the belt and railing? I'm going to use it in a new contruction. by luis a 3/31/2015
ANSWER: no ,it comes with a single chain and gear by Khamattie P a
ANSWER: It comes with a chain and railing, not a belt drive. Very quiet and GREAT PRODUCT!!!!! by MARC B a
ANSWER: Comes with a rail only. It is a very quiet opener, somewhat slow but no complaints. Good quality and Perfect for new construction! by Guy M a
ANSWER: I am a "research before shop" type of person, but not an installer had my son do it. It had all the parts you need, went up quickly, and we found a video for installation that was very helpful. Love my opener!! by Elaine J a
ANSWER: No it is a chain in a track so it can never slip . It is the quietest and smoothest I have ever seen I am very happy. by harvey b a
ANSWER: Does not use a belt. The rail is long enough for an 8 foot door, if your door taller you will need to buy the extension kit. It is super quiet the only real noise comes from the door moving. by Jose P a
ANSWER: Does not use a belt. The rail is long enough for an 8 foot door, if your door taller you will need to buy the extension kit. It is super quiet the only real noise comes from the door moving. by Jose P a
ANSWER: that is the beauty of direct drive, no belts or chains, and, with a strong/quiet 1 hp motor.... and with live video's from North Shore web-site, you can't go wrong !!<br />oh, and don't forget to order your outside wall key pad openers too.....bye bye 3/4 hp chain driven craftsmen opener, never ever again ..................... ;- by bill b a
ANSWER: This includes everything you need for a normal installation. No belt required.Motor rides on channel,which houses stationary chain.Spinning gear against chain,operates door movement. by Michael R a
ANSWER: yes, I had it professionally installed, but my installer had never used this brand before. everything he needed was in the box. this model does not use a belt. I think it went quite well for him. took a couple hrs to replace an old traditional chain drive model. by Eric P a
ANSWER: Comes like any other opener. With everything you need to install as long as the door itself is complete. There are a lot of YouTube videos on the install. Mine is still in the box. They are worth the extra 75 over a Sears . Lifetime warranty. Can't beat that . by Gregory E a
ANSWER: Not sure what you are referring to; belt, railing. It is a complete ready to install. The chain is inside the rail and does NOT move. A wireless drive drives a sprocket which inturn moves on the rail. Virtually dead quiet. The only moving part is the drive on the rail.<br />Best and quietest unit I have ever owned. Beats, genie, liftmaster, sears etc. I would and probably will buy another to replace another Genie screw drive I have. Compared to the two on my house I cannot hear the Sommer unit open or close in the early moving. by John T a
QUESTION: Are the remotes able to be clipped to a car visor? I see a remote holder is offered for purchase. It is for a 4-button remote, however. Do I need the holder? Is the holder compatible with the 2-button remotes that come with this opener? by Dan A 2/21/2015
ANSWER: Yes the remotes can be clipped to the visor, you can't see the clip in the photos. You don't need the remote holder. by Raymond C a
ANSWER: Yes, you can clip the remote to the visor by Walt S a
ANSWER: Yes, in addition to the remote there are metal clips included to mount on your visor. No need to buy anything else. Great opener for a heavy door. by John C a
ANSWER: My door opener came with 2 two button door openers that can be attached tp the visor. by Robert K a
ANSWER: Hi Dan,<br /><br />The remotes that come with with the opener are able to be clipped to the car visor. I did not purchase any additional holders. by Samuel D a
ANSWER: With the holder, the remote is able to clip to car visor.The remote by itself will not clip to the visor; so yes, you do need the holder if you intend to clip it to your car visor. Holder is compatible with 2-button remotes. I use the holder on my 2-button remotes. by Edegbele, O a
ANSWER: The remotes click easily to the car visor. by Jerome R a
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