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SOMMER Direct Drive (Synoris) Swing Door Garage Door Opener

SOMMER Direct Drive (Synoris) Swing Door Garage Door Opener
SOMMER Direct Drive (Synoris) Swing Door Garage Door Opener
SOMMER Direct Drive (Synoris) Swing Door Garage Door Opener
SOMMER Direct Drive (Synoris) Swing Door Garage Door Opener
SOMMER Direct Drive (Synoris) Swing Door Garage Door Opener
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SOMMER Direct Drive (Synoris) Swing Door Garage Door Opener
SOMMER Direct Drive (Synoris) Swing Door Garage Door Opener
Product Description
Sommer's best garage door opener, the Direct Drive-line, just got better, with the Model 1040-1501 Sommer Direct Drive Swing Door Operator. Everyone loves the look of swing door garage doors but one of the downsides was the inability to easily find an operator. No need to worry about that anymore with the extremely powerful and quiet garage door opener by sommer. This unit will be a 3/4 HP Sommer Direct Drive operator along with a Swing Door Fitting. Two remotes are included with this purchase as well!

Economical option for swing doors

Photo eyes work in proper direction for swing doors

For doors up to 9ft. opening

Adjustable fitting

Features and Benefits:

Advanced traveling motor technology. Reliable technology operation in Europe since 1986

Ideal product for professionals to distinguish themselves on the market with a unique product

An independent European test institute proved that this opener technology endures 80,000+ cycles without maintenance, which none of the competitors reached

DC- motor with high efficiency factor - up to 70 door movements per hour

Soft start and soft stop guarantee a smooth, silent operation - less wear on motor gear and door hardware

Back jump feature additionally removes tension from the system after the door has been closed

Sturdy high quality galvanized steel rails, reinforced in the middle by a connecting part

HomeLink compatible

Safety and Security:

The SOMMER Direct Drive meets all UL 325 requirements

Sensitive obstacle detection ensures a high level of security by reversing the door immediately after sensing an obstacle

The high quality photo sensors automatically reverse the door if anything interrupts the beam

Self locking motor


Lifetime warranty on entire garage door opener

2 years on accessories
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Ask a Question
COMMENT: After shopping on-line I liked the reviews of this item and I am confident this will work for my needs. by Dianna C 9/17/2017
COMMENT: We just purchased an older home with a stately 2 car garage and beautiful swinging doors. I hope to maintain the character and gain the convenience of automatic doors. by Regis L 9/1/2017
QUESTION: How far back into the garage does the center "track" extend? We have a 16' wide opening that is intersected by a huge beam somewhat off center, though that will block any such extension at about 7' into the garage. Would this fit? by Bonnie S 12/6/2016
ANSWER: The track and assembly goes back into the garage 11.5' but the highest point of the hole unit is only 4" higher than the door opening so it may go under your beam. This information is for a Carriage door application. by Rex R a
QUESTION: My garage ceiling is less than 2" above door opening for swing out carriage door opener. How much room does the rail attachment need in order to secure it to wall above door? by None N 10/6/2016
ANSWER: It only needs1-1.5 inches, rail and attachments are low profile...very pleased with this opener! Easy install too. by Ronald M a
QUESTION: D C motor ? Does it convert 110 volt AC so that you can use house current? by David H 8/9/2016
ANSWER: yes it plug in to a 110 rec by robert s a
ANSWER: Dunno about converting, but i have 2 of these & each is just plugged into a regular 110v household outlet by Mark M a
QUESTION: Will the opener work with 10' door? I have two 10 foot swing doors. by Uad C 7/10/2016
STAFF ANSWER: Yes it will. by Taylor M a
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