Stanley Circuit Boards

If your garage door opener is malfunctioning or not working consistently, you may need a new circuit board. North Shore Commercial Door is your source for powerful Stanley circuit boards. The electronic pieces can be installed in your existing garage door opener to restore its function without having to replace the main body, arms, sensors or other components.

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Replacing the circuit board is an affordable alternative to replacing the entire unit. A circuit board costs significantly less than a new garage door opener kit and installation of the circuit board is much faster than removing and installing a new opener. You'll save time and money by opting for replacement parts rather than new devices.

For more information about compatibility, click on each individual product for a full list of models it will fit. If you need assistance with your new Stanley circuit breaker, give us a call and speak with one of our highly skilled technical support specialists for absolutely free.

If you don't see the Stanley circuit board that you need or if you would like assistance choosing the right Stanley residential garage door opener circuit boards for your needs, contact our sales team at or call 440-365-5707. If the part exists, we can get it! Take advantage of our low prices, secure online ordering and same day shipping to get the parts you need for less.