T Seal Garage Door Bottom Seal For Uneven Floor

Hi. Mark with NorthShoreCommercialDoor.com. Today we're going to talk about one of our weather stripping. This is a premium weather stripping. This is called a T seal. This is part of a family of T seals. This is a premium offering in that the material that this is made out of is EPDM synthetic rubber, which is a higher priced piece of material. Its advantage is it stays pliable in the very cold temperature extremes as well as very hot. The longevity of this material is going to be longer than a standard piece of material.

It gets its name as a T seal because it has a T on both sides that slide into a retainer hold around the bottom of the door. The widths of these particular T's are a quarter inch. Now, when you're measuring your C line at the bottom of your door, you want to pay particularly close attention to what the width of those seals are because they're important. If your measurements are too large, the seal will fall out of the bottom of the door. If it's too narrow, you won't be able to slide it in. We need to know what that dimension is.

This material is made in three different sizes. It's made in a three inch, it is made in afour inch, and it's made in a six inch material. The reason that it comes in different sizes is unfortunately, not all garage floors or driveways are level and true. When you have an out of level situation, or a depression, or wear on the driveway and you still want to seal the bottom of the door, you'll need more material. The three inch is probably the most common one that we sell. It mimics the material that was put on at most factories when the door was built. Most manufactures use a three inch bulb seal. This one will measure out at about a half of an inch. When pressure's put on the bottom of the door, it mushrooms out and that's where it gives you the seal.

As I said, if your pavement is uneven and you need more material to seal that, you get an additional inch of material with this because this is four and three quarter. This is for the most difficult to seal; this is six. This will seal a problem garage door. I hope that you've enjoyed what I've shown you here today. If you've got any questions about you door seal needs, feel free to call us at the office. Thank you.