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Linear T 5011 Heavy-Duty 1/2hp Drawbar Commercial Door Operator w/Safety Beams

Linear T 5011 Heavy-Duty 1/2hp Drawbar Commercial Door Operator w/Safety Beams
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This item is discontinued.
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PowerMaster Model T Door Operator for Standard Lift Sectional Doors
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Product Description

The Wayne Dalton T5011 offers great versatility when it comes to choosing a door operator for your workplace. This Linear T5011 heavy-duty drawbar commercial door operator can be used with standard lift sectional doors. Our selection at North Shore Commercial Door includes various supply voltages and phases. In addition, customers have the option of adding on safety beams or remote radio controls for an extra fee. To find out more about what the Linear T5011 heavy-duty commercial door operator has to offer, see our "Questions" app below.

Controls connected to a high-performing solid-state circuit

All-welded steel frame

5L V-Belt drive from motor to clutch shaft

Quick disconnect door arm for manual door operation

Solenoid brake standard on 3/4 HP (optional on 1/3 & 1/2 HP)

Features included to prevent motor overload

Adjustable limit switches are internally located

24-Volt circuit features OPEN, CLOSE and STOP buttons on the control station

External terminals for single button (residential type) radio control

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Ask a Question
COMMENT: Appropriate device for application by R W 3/2/2016
COMMENT: i have owned a door opener like this for about 23 years with non problems.good product by duane k 5/19/2013
QUESTION: I have an application that does not allow me to mount the track rail level but sloped down which makes the power drive unit lower potentially causing a vertical clearance issue. Has anyone ever try mounting the power drive unit on top of the track rail? Possible?<br /><br />Thanks in advance for any suggestions. by None N 12/15/2012
ANSWER: R W, thank you for your thoughts. by Joe Y a
ANSWER: I installed two of these units about a year ago on two large commercial overhead doors. I had a standard installation because I had no clearance issues. I'm guessing, if you have to lower the rail, you must have a clearance issue at the operator end of the rail. Remember, access to the wiring terminations and controls is thru the bottom of a conventionally installed operator. Even if you could flip it over, which I don't think can be done, you would have the issue of access to the control box to deal with.<br /><br />I would look at a side mounted actuator instead. by R W a
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