Todco Truck Door Lubricant

Maintenance on your commercial truck doors is just as important as purchasing parts for these doors. Todco has an all-purpose spray and liquid food-grade lubricant at North Shore Commercial Door Co. that will keep your doors operating smoothly. These lubricants, custom designed for overhead truck doors, are environmentally friendly. These lubricants use an advanced food-grade-quality formula to lubricate the door's springs, rollers, bearings, hinges and locks. These FG Lubricants are as effective as Todco's original lubes but are better environmentally.

These FG lubricants are registered as an H1 lubricant with the United States Department of Agriculture. They contain no petroleum distillates and all ingredients are considered food-grade. In addition to the contents, the packaging is also safe for the environment. The spray available at North Shore comes in a 15-ounce size - product number 39000-1008. North Shore also has the one-gallon recyclable plastic container with a separate reusable sprayer - product number 39000 - 1016.