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TODCO Door Parts


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I replace a TODCO overhead door?

At North Shore Commercial Door, we have economically priced TODCO truck door parts, including overhead door parts. See our low prices on replacement hinges, tracks and other TODCO truck parts. To replace a TODCO roll up overhead truck or trailer door, you can use a universal door kit that will fit many truck bodies. You can order an exact match from TODCO. Use a TODCO conversion kit to convert a swing door to a roll up door.

There is no standard track size for a TODCO roll up truck door. TODCO recommends that you measure carefully for a replacement door. Either provide a serial number or actual measurements to report the opening width that's needed to order a replacement door. The opening width is the length from the right post to the left post.

Also know the opening height. Either provide TODCO the serial number or the actual measurements. TODCO recommends that you provide two measurements: for your height of the trailer from the inside floor to the truck's inside ceiling, and for the distance from the inside floor sill to the underside of your header.

What are the advantages of a roll up door versus a swing door?

A swing door will require ample clearance to open the door to load or unload freight. Roll up doors lift up, requiring no clearance space. According to TODCO, roll up doors can allow the driver to pull up directly to the dock for fast loading and unloading. Roll-up doors can be used for side and rear loading of vans and trailers.

How can I order a TODCO replacement part or panel?

Because TODCO keeps the serial numbers of every roll up door made by the company, you can use the serial number on your truck to get a match for original parts. Find the serial number on your roll up TODCO door on a tag attached to the inside upper road side corner of the door. Find a TODCO serial number on a walk ramp on a tag attached to the left side rail.

We have replacement TODCO commercial truck door horizontal tracks that are compatible with most TODCO CityCargo, PolarGuard and Dryfreight truck doors. We have replacement TODCO truck door spring winding plugs that are compatible with TODCO Dryfreight, CityCargo, WeatherTite, ArmorPlate, PolarGuard, PolarTek and TODCOLD trucks.