Transmitter Solutions Safety Edges

North Shore Commercial Door is your trusted source for high-quality Transmitter Solutions Safety Edges and iGaze Remote-Signal Devices. Transmitter Solutions is known for its reliable and durable safety edge products that meet the highest industry standards, and at North Shore, we offer a wide selection of their products to ensure you get the best in the industry. We carry Mechanical and Resistive Safety Edges, plus the iGaze® Remote-Signal Safety Edge Device. 

Let’s face it, your doors, entryways and gates all have traffic whether people, vehicles or something else. Add a basic but powerful element of safety with Transmitter Solutions safety edges. North Shore even carries any replacement parts for these devices.  

The iGaze Wireless Safety Edge Transmitter and Receiver Kit is a range extension and multi-transmitter, multi-entryway safety edge two-piece package. When activated, the transmitter sends the signal to the receiver--hardwired to the operator--up to 60 ft line-of-sight.Transmitter Solution’s SAFEEDGE2508-2KCAPKIT Low Profile Edge Resistor Plug and End Cap Kit secures the operation of the safety edge without messy adhesives. Small but important cap parts help maintain the distance between conductors to prevent accidental signaling of sensor.  

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