Transmitter Solutions Smart

Our TrackPin garage door openers at North Shore Commercial Door will mean no more waiting for delivery of products or services to your home or business. TrackPin, with free apps included, will allow you to control gate and garage access from anywhere in the world. The apps that you can download on your smartphone or tablet will help you connect to major delivery and service companies. Our TrackPin garage door opener keypad offers full access control scheduling or lock-outs, managing up to 5 PINS at one time. You can integrate these keypads to your video monitoring system, too. The sensor for your wireless keypad mounts above your garage door. Also shop our EIS entry control systems. We have EIS units that will allow you to remotely open your gates or doors at your home or business. Arriving visitors can be linked to your landline or mobile phone. We have EIS gate entry units designed for up to 40 apartments with two phone numbers per apartment. This unit can store up to 1,000 caller ID numbers.