Stinger Remote Transmitters

Transmitter Solutions brand Stinger remotes work better than any other remotes on the market. They last longer and are designed to solve common problems that often occur with inferior models. Stinger visor remotes offer a slim profile that eliminates the bulk of most garage door remotes, allowing the car visor to close completely. North Shore Commercial Door offers several powerful Stinger remote control models to choose from, so you'll always find the right Stinger garage remote for your needs.

Stinger remotes are available with your choice of 1 or 2 buttons. Our 2-button remotes have the same profile as 1-button styles, providing performance and flexibility in the same small package as other Stinger remote models. Two button Stinger transmitter remotes are ideal for homes with multiple garage bays or for users who must first pass through a gate before entering their garage.

In addition to garage doors, Stinger remotes can also be used to operate gates. A Stinger gate opener is the perfect choice for unmanned gate entrances, apartment complexes and small businesses. With a Stinger gate remote, the need for a physical gate guard at all hours is removing and employees or residences can access the building without stopping at security.

Shop North Shore Commercial Door for the best selection of Stinger remote products on the market. If you need help locating a part, email our sales team at or call 440-365-5707.