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Tucker Auto-Mation MUSTANG 2 PACKAGE Automatic Door Opener Kit (SINGLE)

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North Shore Commercial Door now carries Special Low Energy Packages for Single Operators by Tucker Auto-Mation. The Mustang 2 Low Energy Package includes one (1) single, Dark Bronze with Clear Arm Low Energy (SW19) Operator & one (1) TORPEDO-ONE Presence Sensor.


Tucker Auto-Mation Swing Door Operators for single doors are state-of-the-art micro-processed controllers with electro-mechanical drives can transform your single swinging door into a non-handed (RH or LH), automatic door. All-in-one entrance solution (reduced stock to carry on service/installation vans - one operator fits all applications). The unique, slim-line design offers non-handed (left or right handed opening) operation, full mechanical stops and a variety of interface options for sensors, push plates, fire alarms, and electric locks. Extremely quiet/silent operation. On-board diagnostics/LED indicators for each input simplify the troubleshooting process and help quickly isolate wiring errors. Tucker Advanced Programmer (TAP) is provided as an option to access additional programming features. Operator defaults are set at the factory. Self-learning and self-tuning operator can be installed and functional in just minutes. Operator automatically adjusts as needed for smooth, seamless operation. One-button initial setup to calculate operating force, torque, check speed and check duration. Setup for low-energy applications is a "Flip of the Switch" (dip 5). Setup for inhibiting the stall signal near full-open position is a "Flip of the Switch" (dip 7). The operator will reverse upon contact with an obstruction.

Choice of spring or power close (please specify preferred CLOSE method by selecting SPRING or POWER in the drop-down menu above). Both SW10 and SW19 can be configured for a surface mounted push or pull arm application (please specify preferred ARM STYLE by selecting PUSH or PULL in the drop-down menu above). Fully compliant with all US and Canadian ADA requirements. Compliant with ANSI A156.19 & A156.10 standards. UL - Certified for use as fire door operators (3-hour rating). Powder coated steel end caps.

Complete Field Replaceable Unit:

If the unit ever fails, Tucker Auto-Mation will replace the whole operator assembly which includes all components mounted on the short back-plate. There is no need for in-depth troubleshooting or timely "piece" replacement. THREE YEAR WARRANTY ON PARTS.

***Please Note: Operators are 3" wider than the width of the door to allow for the jambs.

Single Width (SINGLE-W) Door to Operator Sizing (please specify preferred door/operator WIDTH in the drop-down menu above):

  • 36" Door = 39" Operator Width (1905 mm)
  • 42" Door = 45" Operator Width (2210 mm)
  • 44" Door = 47" Operator Width (2311 mm)
  • 48" Door = 51" Operator Width (2514 mm)

Non-Handed Operator Highlights:

  • RH or LH
  • Inswing or Outswing
  • Push Arm or Parallel Arm w/Slide Track
  • Telescoping Push Arm Assembly to Accommodate Deep Reveals

Push Arm Application:

  • Bottom of header is 1/4" below bottom of frame
  • The motor of the operator is towards the lock jamb

Pull Arm Application:

  • Bottom of header is 1-3/8" up from bottom side of top frame
  • The motor of the operator is towards the hinge

Arm Extension:

  • Available for larger reveals

Low Energy (SW19) Single Operator Highlights:

  • MIN 5 Seconds from Close to Open
  • Stay Open for 5 Seconds - Up to 30 Seconds
  • Force: 15 lbs - (6.8 kg)
  • Push or Pull (In Door Out Swing)
  • Activation: Knowing Act (Push Plates)
  • Door Mounted Safety Device: Optional (Torpedo - One)


  • Upon completion of the arm assembly be sure to adjust mechanical door stops before powering/activating the operator


The TORPEDO-ONE Presence Sensor for Low-Energy Swinging Doors by Tucker Auto-Mation is now available to order directly from North Shore Commercial Door. The TORPEDO-ONE reliably detects stationary as well as moving objects in the swing path of low energy automatic doors. Mounted on the approach side, the TORPEDO-ONE reactivates upon detection during the closing cycle of the door thus protecting slow-moving people as well as people trailing behind. When using the TORPEDO-ONE the need for extended hold open time is eliminated by allowing the door to begin the close cycle after the minimum 5-second hold open time has elapsed.

The TORPEDO-ONE is a contactless experience that is sleek, reliable, and easy to install! TORPEDO-ONE allows re-activation of the door before contact is made during the closing cycle. The door is kept open upon detection of the slow-moving person and re-opens the door upon detection of the person trailing and slow to cross the threshold. Door reactivation upon detection reduces liability and provides peace of mind to the building owner. Mount the TORPEDO-ONE at the top of the door and out of harm's way to reduce exposure to damage and vandalism. Artificially increased door hold open times are eliminated for savings on heating and cooling costs.

The TORPEDO-ONE exceeds ANSI.156.19 standards by offering a contactless experience. Proven active infrared technology (distance measurement sensor using the principle of triangulation). Guarantees smooth and safe operation of a door intended to be used by the elderly and disabled people. The sensor is only active following a knowing activation such as pressing a wall switch. Following a door activation, the TORPEDO-ONE remains enabled to allow continued automatic non-contact re-activation capability should someone remain in the door opening while the door is open or while it is closing. Adjust depth scanning and detection range with set screw. Adjust detection pattern away from the door with tilt angle.

The TORPEDO-ONE is housed in aluminum with an unbreakable black polycarbonate (PC) front cover.



  • Background Suppression*
  • Background Analysis


  • Relay N.O.*
  • Relay N.C.

Technical Information:

Housing Material Aluminum Technology Active Infrared, Pulsed 880 NM, Triangulation Principle Current Consumption < 110 mA
Front Cover Unbreakable Black Polycarbonate (PC) IR Spot Dimension Approx. 3" (75 mm) in Diameter for Scanning Range of 80" (2000 mm) Output Relay, Changeover Contact 48 V AC/DC, 0.5A AC, 1A DC 55 VA / 24 W
Weight (36" Assembly) 1 lb, 8 oz (0.68 kg) Mounting Height 5.5' to 8.8' (1.7 to 2.7 m) Protection Class NEMA 3s
Dimensions Housing
(ind. end cap)
W x H
34-1/2" x 1.7" (876.3 mm x 44 mm)
Response Time on Detection Approx. 30 miliseconds Operating Temperature -4˚F to 140˚F (-20˚C to + 60˚ C)
Connection Type Plug-In Screw Terminal Supply Voltage 17 to 37 VDC18 to 26 VAC Air Humidity < 95%, Non-Condensing