Patriot Linear Actuator Parts

If your Actuator is acting up and you need new Actuator parts, North Shore Commercial Door is here to help! We have the best prices on USAutomatic Patriot Linear Actuator Replacement Parts and a wide selection to choose from! The USAutomatic 510103 limit switch assembly can detect the presence of a vehicle and send a signal to the actuator to move, while the US Automatic 510001 Actuator is a replacement part for Patriot or swing gate openers that includes an integrated harness and 8 feet of cabling. If you need to replace your gate opener's actuator arm, North Shore Commercial Door has the US Automatic 510001 in stock and ready to ship. We also carry 40-foot lengths of USAutomatic 16 gauge 5-conductor wire for garage doors. The ends of the wire are raw, so you can add connections or hardwire it directly to your garage door opener.

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