Patriot Slide Gate RSL Operator Parts

Is your sliding gate operator having maintenance issues? Let North Shore Commercial Door help solve the problem! With a huge selection of USAutomatics Patriot Slide Gate RSL Operator Parts, we've got what you need to repair your operator! Take a look and see how North Shore Commercial Door can save you money and take your gate system to the next level! Our catalog of gate brackets, chain adjustment bolts, limit switches and more will not disappoint!  

The USAutomatic 510201 Gear Motor for Patriot RSL Slide Gate Openers comes complete with the bracket and is available with next-day shipping Monday through Friday when you order from North Shore so you can repair your gate system as soon as possible. The USAutomatic 590060 limit switch harness is for use with USAutomatic Patriot RSL slide gate openers. Limit switches signal a gate opener motor to stop to prevent it from derailing or hitting gate posts.  

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