• Impact and shock-resistant photo-electric sensor safety device works for up to 45-ft openings
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Vitector Fraba

Vitector-Fraba Nema 4 Exterior Through-Beam Photocell

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Vitector Fraba OPE-1-1034 NEMA 4X grade Sensor Safety device for garage door and gate operators. By MMTC, this through-beam photo-electric sensor broadcasts a light beam to a receptor indicating garage door or barrier is free of obstructions. Interruption or breaking of light beam halts door operation. Housed in next-generation design towers made from TPE (Thermo-Plastic Elastomer) and comes with mounting hardware brackets this device is engineered for tough exterior environments and commercial-industrial applications. North Shore Commercial Door has the industrial, commercial and residential garage, entryway, security and materials handling products you need. Order today! Features and Benefits
  • Outdoor-ready, worksop-tough through-beam photo-eye sensor safety device includes mounting hardware
  • LED broadcast light beam
  • Flexible and tough design featuring TPE-material
  • concave "trellised" towers for added flexibility and shatter-prevention--especially useful around foot-traffic
  • tripod transition from lens housing to tower doubles-up flexibility

  • Specs, Ranges and Numbers
  • UL 50
  • UL 325
  • Rated NEMA 4x
  • Cable Length 3 feet
  • MISC-DOC-20130411_OPE_Trouble_Shooting.pdf