Wayne Dalton

Wayne Dalton Torque Master 308963 Winding Tool - Torquemaster PLUS only

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Are you a handy man or garage door repair man? Then you know that replacing Torque Master Springs can be a hassle. North Shore Commercial Door is here to help you get those spring replacements done as quickly as possible! With the 308963 Winding Assembly spring repairs will be done in no time! This Universal Winding Tool with a built in counter is only compatible with the Torque Master Plus series of springs due to the hexagonal end. This professional tool is capable of winding up to 500 doors without needing to be repaired. This tool helps provide accurate, safe, and fast results when winding or unwinding a spring. Product Highlights:
• Part Number 308963
• Only compatible with Torque Master Plus Units
• Winds up to 500 Doors