Xcluder Rodent Block Garage Door Seals 3-Inch or 4-Inch

Xcluder Rodent Block Garage Door Seals 3-Inch or 4-Inch

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Xcluder Rodent Block Garage Door Seals 3-Inch or 4-Inch
Xcluder Rodent Block Garage Door Seals 3-Inch or 4-Inch
Product Description
With Xcluder rodent block garage door seals from North Shore Commercial Door, you can keep rats, bugs, and other damage-causing pests out of your home or commercial warehouse garage. These rodent-proof door seals will mouse-proof a shed or keep rats out of the garage. Xcluder garage rodent guards will also keep out cold and hot drafts, which will help lower your utility bills. Our Xcluder brand door bottom seals will work with existing aluminum and plastic seal retainers, and T-bottom retainers. You can use them on overhead garage doors and roll-up garage door models. 

Easy-installation Xcluder rodent door seals are the go-to choice for restaurants, hospitals, schools and other facilities used for food storage. The environmentally friendly seals are a safer option than rodent control products made with harsh chemicals. Xcluder seals are nontoxic. USDA APHIS-tested neoprene rubber weather seals by Xcluder are made with Xcluder's trademarked fill fabric that consists, in part, of stainless steel mesh and strong poly fibers. 

Benefits of this product include: 
  • Xcluder Door Bottom Seals are compatible with both our aluminum and plastic bottom seal retainers.
  • The seal is soft and can be placed on roll-up and overhead garage doors to keep these troublesome pests out of your garage.
  • Sold by the foot
  • 3" or 4" (three or four inches) wide with a one-quarter inch T, they suit the commonly used T bottom retainers
  • Durable seals are almost impossible for the rodents to penetrate.
  • Able to withstand the coldest and hottest weather conditions, these seals are great for homes, restaurants, schools, hotels and anywhere that food is stored.
  • They can cut the loss of heat and air conditioning to reduce energy costs.
  • It slides into the track at the bottom of the garage door.
Our friendly and knowledgeable customer service staff is here to answer your questions. Don't leave your garage unprotected from rodents. Buy your Xcluder Door Bottom Seals from North Shore Commercial Door today.


Xcluder is sold by the foot and available in 3" or 4" wide sections. To place your order:

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  • 3-Inch XT2563-00-W
  • 4-Inch XT2564-00-W

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COMMENT: needed a seal to keep things from entering my garage. by Ed J 9/26/2017
COMMENT: It sounds like it will solve my problem. I only bought enough for a sample so that I can evaluate whether it will actually work on my single piece lift type door. It would have been nice to get a free 3" sample. by Lainy W 9/15/2017
QUESTION: Is this available in Canada? by Robert R 10/6/2017
QUESTION: What sizes is this product sold in length,width and T size? by Don S 5/10/2017
ANSWER: I have a standard two car garage and I had to cut it to the exact size. But it works great by Theola C a
ANSWER: It has been about a year since I installed it so I'll try to remember the specifics. You can order it in any length, it is sold by the foot. I believe the T size was 1/4" I do not remember the width. I do have a very standard sectional garage door and it fit very nicely into the base that the standard door seal had fit into and that rats had chewed through- this house is in a rural area on a ranch. They have not chewed through this one yet : by Greg M a
QUESTION: I have Wayne Dalton garage doors. The original bottom seal is 11 years old and worn. They were also installed way short. Rodents are entering. Do you sell xcluder seals and retainers that fit these door? The original retainers are very odd shaped. by Jeff R 3/4/2017
STAFF ANSWER: Jeff we would need to know how thick your garage door is. Please give me a call directly at 440-281-8814 by Taylor M a
QUESTION: I have a 2" gap at eitherr end of my garage door as the floor is somewhat bowed. Could I use this with a rubber threshold to cover that gap? by drew b 2/6/2017
ANSWER: Sorry but I did not have good luck with this product on an uneven cement floor. It is much stiffer than regular rubber ones and does not conform to the uneven floor. Mice are winning here, still. by D.Mae C a
ANSWER: Simply put..:I can't see why not! The reason being is because you have to "thread" the material into the bottom of the door into a "channel." Therefore allowing the installer to control the length. by Rick G a
ANSWER: Not 100% sure but the rubber peace does hang down about two inches . Hope this helps . by darrell l a
STAFF ANSWER: This will hang down 2 inches and should cover the gap. by Taylor M a
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